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The MORE (Miracles of my region)

project is a project focused on finding, observing and getting to know about natural, cultural and historical interests in school region and is based on inter cultural team work involving 4 European countries: Slovakia, Sweden, the Czech Republic and France.

Each country will organize a five days meeting on one of the following topics :


  1. Topic : Cultural and historical

1.1       Culture and society ( museums, galeries, memorial places, folklore feasts)

1.2       Art and history ( Castles, open alr museums, folklore architecture)

1.3      Nation in European context ( Towns of european culture, sport, ruins, dormitories)

1.4      National Gastronomy yesterday and now ( Days of regional Cuisine, vintages, fairs, feasts, exhibitions )


  1. Topic: Nature

2.1      Interesting facts of live nature – Fauna and flora (arboretums, botanical gardens, ZOO s, natural reservations…)

2.2      Natural landscapes ( Caves, tarns, mountains, lakes, volcanos, canyons …)


Nova Academy, Simrishamn, Sweden

Spojená škola, Ivanka pri Dunaji, Slovakia

Střední škola zemědělská a veterinární, Lanškroun, Czech Republic

College Maison Blanche, Clamart, France



1. Meeting in Slovakia  (22. – 27. 10. 2018)

2. Staff Sweden              (11. – 16. 2. 2019)

3. Meeting in France     (8. – 13. 4. 2019)

4. Staff czech                   (6. – 11. 5. 2019)

5. Meeting in Sweden

6. Staff France

7. Meeting in Czech

8. Staff Slovakia

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