Staff Meeting France

Meeting 2. – 7. 12. 2019

December Program Erasmus


Monday, December 2:

Arrival day.

7:15 pm: Dinner at The Woking restaurant in Clamart

Hosted by Amina El idrissi and Fabrice Deschamps


Tuesday, December 3: Meeting at school  9:00 am

9am -12pm :

Clamart City tour

Discover  the city of Clamart.Travelogue and meetings with hosts
Hosted by Fabrice Deschamps, teacher.

12:30: Lunch at a “Les Côtes de Villebon” Vocational School Restaurant  for Catering bakery and Hospitality education.

Hosted by Amina El idrissi and Mr Autret, Principal.

1:30pm-3 pm:

Visit  of Louis Girard High school

3:30pm- 5pm

Preparation of the next mobility and meeting

hosted by AminaEl idrissi, teacher


6pm-9pm: Dinner  at “Via Mamma” Trattoria in Clamart

Hosted by Liyah Thomas and Amina El Idrissi, Pierre Bounoure; teachers



Wednesday, December 4: Meeting at Hotel  9:


AM : 2CV Paris Tour

Hosted by  Pierre Bounoure, teacher

Lunch in paris

PM: Visit of Orsay Museum

Hosted by Pierre Bounoure and Fabrice Deschamps

7pm-9pm: Dinner at  ‘Le blé en Herbe’ restaurant in Clamart

Hosted by Mrs Pianelli, Deputy Headmaster and Amina El idrissi, teacher.


Thursday, December 5: Meeting at Hotel  9:30

Meeting with the Headmasters

Visit of Maison Blanche Highschool


The French Education system

12 pm: Lunch at school


Visit of Jean Arp’s foundation and museum in Clamart

Hosted by Amina El Idrissi and Jerôme Huet, teachers

6pm-9pm: Dinner at “Le Cinq” restaurant in Clamart

Hosted by Fabrice Deschamps and Amina EL idrissi, teachers


Friday, December 6: Meeting at Hotel 9am

AM:  Visit of the Château de Versailles

Hosted by Fabrice Deschamps  and Liyah Thomas

Lunch at school

PM:  Afternoon for visits and souvenirs

Hosted by Amina El idrissi , teacher

6pm-9pm: Farewell  Dinner at “Le Living Room” restaurant  in Clamart

Hosted By Pierre Bounoure, Jérôme Huet, Amina EL Idrissi, teachers